The Somali-American Humanitarian Relief Association (S.A.H.R.A) has been established to assist Somali-Americans to provide humanitarian assistance abroad.

A Fund which will support the research, evaluation, and potential for resistance of the Patriot Act and the Bank Security Act, insofar as they restrict the ability of Somali-Americans to send money to their relatives and countrymen at risk and peril in Somalia. The Fund will be held in trust by the Law Offices of Bruce Goldstein, PLLC, and the firm has been retained by the Association.

This Fund will help finance the following

  1. Immediate legal research of the federal laws which have caused banks to suspend wiring services and to consider alternative measures.
  2. Ongoing evaluation and discussion with state and federal officials who can impact the regulatory environment to make immediate change.
  3. Assess and proceed with all legal means necessary to protect and enforce the legal rights of Somali Americans which are adversely effected by government regulations which are being disproportionally applied.

The following conditions apply to payments to the Fund:

  1. Payments made are not tax deductible.
  2. Payments made are not refundable to any contributor to the Fund.
  3. By making a payment to the Fund, an individual does not have any interest in the Fund and therefore cannot make decisions or demands regarding how the funds are used, and the individual is not a client of any firms being paid by the Fund.
  4. Any excess funds remaining in the Fund will be donated to the American Refugee Committee for Somali relief.
To make a payment to the Fund:

Mailing Instructions

Make payment payable to “Law Offices of Bruce E. Goldstein, PLLC – Trust Account” and send to:

Law Offices of Bruce E. Goldstein, PLLC
2550 Blaisdell Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Wiring Instructions

First Credit to:

Receiver Bank
Franklin National Bank
2100 Blaisdell Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55401
ABA Routing No.: 091001144

Final Credit to:

Law Offices of Bruce E. Goldstein, PLLC
The Somali-American Humanitarian Relief Association
Account No.: 22000017841